WAXVAC: Deception and Forcing you to Take Unclear Services through Phone Calls

Tampa, Florida 1 comment
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I saw an AD on TV and I decided to buy one. The AD says it is only $10 to receive 1 + 1 free of their product. I ordered one. But I noticed that the final bill is $24. I said it is OK.

Yesterday, they called me for around 12 minutes to authorize many services that honestly I don't understand what they are!!.

They start the call by saying "as thank you will get $60 gift card!" I latered noticed that they are offering services that cost me more than that. They even try to force me to accept them in a deceptive way. They talk so fast and say "Please say OK that you understood these services and that you authorize us to ..."

what ????????

Really you need to be careful guys. I directly called the back to block my credit card. :(

Review about: Wacvac.



sucker --- order some more junk from these scam artists on tv --- if it was any good you'd be paying more and they wouldn't need misleading tv ads to suck you in --- as for that guy who poses as a doctor and tells you cotton swabs can cause significant damage, if he's a doctor then I'm the pope --- we told the truth about many junk items offered on tv on the site as seen on tv and they somehow blocked us from getting in again but, we're not done --- it's good to know they can't take hearing the truth

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